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About to give birth? Thinking of circumcision? You owe it to your child to read this article! I guarantee you will CHOOSE against it!

I discuss and give grand sources for: #1 reason in America: Habit / Pain of circumcision including stark video/ Risks including death/ Effects of Infant Feeding Habits/ World & American Statistics and Maps/ Higher Sensitivity of Non-altered Penis/ How to Help Share Info/ Put your foot down/ Fab Reference sites/ Those opposing this crime/ Why I chose not to before I knew all this info!
My Personal Take: the non-medical side: the common sense side of me:
When I was 30, and had my first boy, I naturally had the thought that I just did not want to cut something off of my son that was naturally in place.
Whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist... or whatever religion, the simple fact is this: that foreskin is meant to be there, placed by something other than yourself, for a reason that is good enough for nature...and this reason should be good enough for you to leave it alone. No person or leader should make your mind up to purposefully decide to cut off a sensitive (or any other) part of your child's delicate body. A flower has a remarkable geometry that only nature could possibly suggest for reasons we will never know. The human body is the same. Your baby was born perfect! 
UPDATE: In a matter of days, already almost 200 views-so I am not the crazy one here!
People are sharing!
Now on to the FACTS~
there are reasons that circumcision rates are falling! Don't you want in on them? RISKS:

  • Bleeding, which can be severe
  • Meatal stenosis (scarring of the hole the urine comes out of), which can occur in boys and men who had infant circumcision. This can require multiple surgeries to correct
  • Too much or too little skin can be removed, which can lead to cosmetic and functional issues  
  • The penis can be damaged, and amputation, partial amputation, and damage to the urethra are recognized complications of circumcision
  • Infection 
  • Much less sensitivity in altered penis 
  • Death

FACT: American Academy has never promoted this method for any real reason! 

FACT: World Health Organization says: of 15 yr + ages; 30% world circumcision, with almost 70% being Muslims, 1% Jews
FACT: If you do this to your child, YOU are out of the norm!
No PAIN? Think again! Here is just one video of a baby who has been given local anesthesia-hate to see what happens if there are none!
Personally, I couldn't finish watching all of it. It is gross; a stark realization for anyone considering the "habitual" "circumcision" that I call torture.

WARNING: Not only is this not for children to have this done to them, but it is not for children to watch!

MORE PENILE SENSITIVITY without circumcision? 
YES YES YES!  approx. 75% more on the area of issue! Hello? Mucho Nervios?

"The density and specialization of the foreskin's nerve endings are similar to that found in the lips. To demonstrate the significance of high concentrations of nerve endings, gently run your fingertip across your cheek or chin. Then gently run your fingertip across your lips. The intense, detailed sensation you feel when touching your lips shows how much sensation your lips provide. Imagine how it would feel to eat food or kiss a lover without the sensations provided by the lips. This will give you some idea of the amount of sensation contained in the foreskin and lost to circumcision."
This from:
Here, I also found:
There are nerves in the end of the penis

THE LAWS are in place, but not being followed?!
Illegal genital mutilation for girls, but accepted and legal habit for circumcision boys?! Not in my book!

In 1996 US congress made law against female circumcision
Sexual discrimination
Title 7 of Civil Rights Act passed in 1964 protects against sexual discrimination; protects those who have suffered unequal treatment because of his/her sex
Equal rights act of 1964. Article 1 section 8:its duty to protect our citizens equal protection of the laws under 14th amendment; separate is not equal
Declaration of Independence: "All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator by certain unalienable rights; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!"

LEGALLY : The definitions of these words describe circumcision:
Child abuse, sexual assault of a minor, batter, mutilation,manslaughter, are all Mala in Se, meaning wrong or evil in itself; Mala in Se is a crime classification for serious moral crimes.
Got this from: Grrrreat video! By TheMasculinist!
All things circumcision: Circumcision Information and Resource Pages (shows its many professional sources):, British medical journal, and others...

MAP & STATS of American incidence of circumcision rates per state: More circumcising in the Midwest and Eastern states than Western
(In my experience, where there are more international travelers, there are less conversations of the weather, and more pertinent, global related conversations, leading to the proper sharing of proper knowledge, thus more proper common sensical outcomes)

leads you to a link to a great interactive map of American circumcision rates, which I cant help but notice: the highest rates are still being funded by the medicaid and I for one, do not want to pay for this torturous habit !

Just 11% in Nevada, as opposed to 85% in Michigan?
MAP of American Rates of circumcision HERE!
HIGHER penile cancers?
If you are worried of higher cancer risks, put a hat on your kid: the melanoma rates are the highest incidences of cancer these days! (see my previous story on "Tanning Beds are Carcinogenic to Humans" for sources)
Penile cancer is very rare in North America and Europe. Penile cancer occurs in less than 1 man in 100,000 and accounts for less than 1% of cancers in men in the United States...and Europe has low numbers of what does that say?

American Cancer Society revised this month: Penile cancer is very rare in North America and Europe. Penile cancer occurs in less than 1 man in 100,000 and accounts for less than 1% of cancers in men in the United States.
Effects feeding patterns and more!
Ever ask yourself, "Why doesn't somebody change this or that"...then realize that you are somebody?
After all, babies cannot help themselves...
Now, I am the Mile High Advocate; I have to help you to help yourself ........and the community-

Share this article on facebook, by simply copying the top web address: left click to highlight, then right click to copy, then paste it into you status. When you "post" the info comes up all on its own! This will help get more numbers to do what it takes next!
(by the way, I get no money from this effort- read my blog's ABOUT ME page, and see why I am the MHA )

2. Write letters or PRINT already made ones!
MGM Bill is trying to be added to the FGM bill....females are protected, why not boys?
I will be doing all these steps as well, now that I know how to help!
This site will lead you through "how to contact your representatives for changing the issue at hand", as well as "Becoming a representative state office yourself" !

3. Donate OR
WANT MORE NEWS STORIES? Bad things that have happen to kids circumcised
World health organization on female genital mutilations: Millions
This report was written in response to a request from the World Health Organization’s Division
of Family & Community Health, Department of Reproductive Health & Research, Gender, Reproductive
Rights, Sexual Health & Adolescence team (FCH/RHR/GRR) to produce an estimate of the number of
women in Africa who have been circumcised, or have undergone female genital cutting (FGC).
The World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA), the
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the United States Agency for International Development,
UNFPA, UNICEF, (USAID), and various NGOs have provided estimates of the “number of women and
girls worldwide” who have undergone FGC, but those estimates vary widely and do not include
information on how the numbers were obtained.

OVER 130 Websites/ORGANIZATIONS/ Facebook groups- against circumcision. Period. The largest gathering of! From the MHA to you! 
                                Now who's crazy?
If you still aren't convinced, don't bother going on from here, just go back to the top, where it says VIDEO real large. This area is for after you view the video! To fill up your brain after filling your morals back up...

Poor mother's story with twins
Doctors opposing Circumcision WARNING: Staph infection pics!
Ask Doctor Sears

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers
As Nature Intended 
Intact News 
Circumcision Resource Center 

Jewish Circumcision Resource Center 
Historical Medical Quotes on Circumcision 
Genital Autonomy 
Male info Circum. Site 
Circ. info Australia 
Sex as Nature Intended
History of Circumcision 
End routine infant circumcision
In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child

Udonet -Circumcision-stories

Restoring Tally- ---------------------------------------WOW, MHA says this site is cool!

Groups: Medical, Mothers, Men, Religious, Military, Collegiate, Attorneys, United Nations, other Countries

IntactNetwork (large group with chapters)
Intact America

Just go and like these guys. Period. It helps when "like" numbers go up! And others see it on your like list-
America (all 50 states), Canada(13 provinces), Puerto Rico, Britain

  Intact groups per state:


District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia


British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island



  1. Very well done! Thank you for the excellent compilation of resources and links for readers to continue on in their investigation more in depth. Keep speaking up!

    1. Thank you! I is nice to finally get someone with passion enough on a hot topic to comment!

  2. thanks for speaking up on behalf of baby boys! Nice work!

    1. Yes, thanks so much, and the girls need some further is happening to them as well!

  3. Yes, thank you for the nice summary. I will pass it on.

  4. Great post, lots of good info here!

  5. Don't cite the Declaration of Independence in a section about law. It makes us look bad because it has no legal standing whatsoever.

    1. Thanks, but I think I will let your comment stay right here, where it is at. It makes you look bad. Standing or sitting. I make "us" look great!

    2. Furthermore, The declaration was written to make awareness of a separation of those wanting to live free and just; to be independent of those whom wanted to step on them. I do hereby declare myself as "independent" of you! ;-)

  6. The WHOLE Network also has chapters in each state and many areas outside the US.

    1. Thanks so much! All 50 states, and 23 locations outside the U.S. !
      You know, I had you listed, but in the many hours, I accidentally erased a few lines..I think your was one of them! I didn't catch the slip! Any others, just let me know! Laney Will ad to post soon!

    2. You're welcome. Thanks for helping to raise awareness of this important issue.

  7. The second-class citizenship of American boys is a disgrace. Parents would never let a doctor rip apart the genitals of their precious daughters. Boys are treated like inferior citizens, without the same right to bodily integrity that girls enjoy under the law. The human penis has been trivialized into a disgusting dirty object of scorn by the circumcision industry, which has no intention of ever stopping their cruel practice. They hide behind a smokescreen of preposterous health claims that men in the rest of the world disprove by merely living with their intact genitals, just as normal men & women have lived throughout human history. The reality is that the pro-circ medical lobby has a vision of America as a place where generation after generation of men will live and die with wounded genitals. The malevolent genius of forced infant circumcision is that its victims become its chief proponents in a terrible impulse to deny their own loss. As a circumcised man, I stand up with the truth, "This is wrong. It stops with me." Others who accept their circumcision without objection, or embrace it, live under the tyranny of the circumciser, who owns them. Every absurd hypothesis put forth by the circumciser to justify himself has also been used to justify female circumcision. It's a sick world out there, and American doctors bear the bloodstained mark of their own shame.


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